What is ZINC?

Z. Bibcrate, Z Borate. See Z. Tetraborate. Z. Bromate, ZnHrOj5 -f- 6H .O, a white antiseptic powder, soluble in water or ammonia. Z. Bromid, ZnBr., white powder with sharp metallic taste, soluble in water, alcohol, ether, or ammonia; used internally in epilepsy in dilute solution. Dose, 1-2 gr., max. dose, 10 gr. daily. Z. Carbolate, white antiseptic powder slightly soluble in water or alcohol; used as a surgical dusting-powder. Z. Chrysophanate. brown powder soluble in alkaline solutions; used as a dressing for wounds. Z Cyanid, ZnCN’,, white, poisonous, crystalline powder; used in chorea, gastralgia, etc. Dose,gr. Antidotes, ammonia, a mixture . of iron protosulfate 3nd persulfate, inhalation of chlorin, etc. Z.-ethyl, ZnfCjHj., a reaction product of zinc and zinc-sodium with ethyl iodid; a very dangerous colorless liquid which takes fire in contact with air and is decomposed violently by water; boils n8

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Definition of  ZINC