Very little is known of the horticultural value of the compounds of Zinc, though suggestions have been made to use such as Zinc Arsenide and Zinc Sulphate as fungicides. One point of importance to gardeners is that Zinc Sulphide is a white compound instead of a black one, as is Lead Sulphide. Thus when the greenhouses are syringed with Liver of Sulphur, no ugly blackening of paint results if Zinc is used instead of Lead when making the paint. We understand that Zinc Paint can be obtained without much difficulty, for after all it is only a matter of substituting Zinc Carbonate, or Zinc White as it is popularly called, in place of Lead Carbonate. Zinc Paint should be universally adopted by gardeners, since Liver of Sulphur cannot be done without, and then there will be no more complaints of spoiling the appearance of the houses by spraying to check diseases.E. T. E.

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Definition of  ZINC COMPOUNDS