What is YUCCA?

(Nat. Ord. Liliacea). This is a genus of most useful evergreens for the rock garden or wild garden as well as for the general borders and for sub-tropical bedding. Most of them are of easy culture and hardy enough to stand an average English winter, though in ultra-cold districts some protection may be advisable. Any good, light, rich, sandy soil suits them admirably, and they may be successfully propagated by seeds, cuttings, and suckers in the usual way. For bedding purposes they should be raised in the same manner as halfhardy annuals or propagated by cuttings the previous seasoni What to Grow.All those mentioned below bear white flowers from July onwards to September. Owing to the popularity of the genus many synonymous species are now offered, but to add these would be waste of space and would confuse readers considerably. The following may be regarded as distinct : Yucca angustijolia, and its variety stricta (2-3 ft.) ; Y. filamentosa, and its varieties flaccida and variegata (Silk Grass, averaging 14-3 ft. in height); Y. glauca (2-3 ft.); Y. gloriosa, the well-known Adams Needle, and its varieties Ellacomhei and variegata (4-6 ft.) ; Y. orchioides and its variety major (1-3 ft.) ; Y. recurvifolia and its variety variegata (3 ft.) ; and Y. rupicola (1J-3 ft.). In addition to the above species the following half ai dozen of the best hybrids should be grown if space admits : Albella, arnottiana, Orion, sanderiana, Sirius, and Vomereuse. All have white flowers.

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