What is YTTRIUM?

Atomic weight, 887; sp. gr., 380; and meltingpoint, 1,250 degrees C. A very rare element found in gadolinitt, xenotimmne, and samarskitt. Like ytterbium it is associated with the boron group of elements. It is a greyishblack powder which is capable of decomposing water to some slight extent at the ordinary temperatures and more rapidly when heated, forming the oxide Yt203, from which the metal can be obtained by electrolysis. It is very soluble in acids, and in addition to the oxide, a number of compounds are known, including a carbonate 3, chloride, bromide, iodide, nitrate 3. and su!ohate 3, al! of which excepting the carbonate are more or less soluble in water. The compounds of yttrium closely resemble the aluminium compounds, and are used in the manufacture of incandescent gas mantles.

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Definition of  YTTRIUM