When Chickweed chokes our flowers and plants, And Nightshade over food crops pants. The gardener must use his hand, And pull these weeds from out the land. When Dandelion thrives and blooms. And Bindweed over all else looms. With Couchgrass, Nettles holding sway, We need a fork, and that to-day. Where Creeping Buttercup is seen. We have to fork to keep land clean. The same with that Convolvulus, We dig it up with little fuss. Fat Hen comes up quite quick by hand, And so does Groundsel from the land. Not so the Greater Bindweed, or The Horsetail weed we often saw. The last two weeds are terrors true, At least to me, and you will rue If they are left to romp about. When every scrap should be dug out. The Pimpernel and Shepherds Purse These weeds are very little curse Are easily pulled up by hand. Especially if soil be sand. The Thistlestruly awful weeds. Dont speak to me of Thistles seeds Need scything down before they bloom. And burning is, of course, their doom. The Sun Spurge, but a lowly plant, Is not the subject for much cant ; The same applies to Celandine: They decompose to humus fine. A naughty weed is Stinging Nettle, It stings to show its own high mettle. We glove our hands, or grasp it tight. And jerk its roots out to the light. And there are many other weeds. Too many for the gardners needs. Some weeds are terrors, some are not. But all on neatness form a blot. And evry weed whereer it lie, A robber is of blackest dye. A fact, but seldom recognised. Which often makes me quite surprised. Then let us each with hand and hoe, Or fork or spade, move down each row. And knock the weeds up with a will. Then quickly our big barrow fill. The weeds with long tap-roots or seed Must bum to ash, our plants to feed. All others in a hole may rot To give us humus pure and hot. E.

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