Pertaining to or found in the tropics. T. Acid. See Acid. T. Big Leg. See Elephantiasis arabum. T. Boil. See Boil, Aleppo. T. Chlorosis. See Ankylostomiasis and Dochmiasis. T. Fruit Laxative. See Senna. T. Measles, a name suggested by Cautlie for a disease that was prevalent among the foreign residents of Hong Kong, during September and October, in 1888. Mild cases were regarded as ” German measles,” severe cases as a form of dengue. He defines it as follows: ” Rubeola tropica is a specific eruptive fever, the primarj’, rose- red rash appearing on the face and neck on the second day of the illness; the second rash, miliary and papular, on the body, face, and occasionally on the limbs pn the fourth day. The third rash, of small, coalescent wheals, appears on the arms and legs, or legs only, on the sixth day, when the fever subsides. The severe form attacks adults chiefly. It is epidemic, contagious, but seldom associated with catarrh or desquamation, and characterized by the intensity of the pain in the back, head, and orbit on the third and fourth days of the illness.” The duration of the disease was much shorter than that of dengue, the termination was invariably favorable, and the complications and sequelce of measles were not observed in any case.

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