(Three-leaved Nightshade, Trinity Flower, or WooD-LiLY. Nat. Ord. Liliaceae). This is a useful genus of hardy tuberous-rooted perennials suitable for border or rock garden culture. They require plenty of peat in the soil, which should nevertheless be light, and though they prefer a little shade, a sunny position will suit them. Propagation by seeds in the summer, and root division in the autumn or spring (at which last period they are best planted), is not a matter of very great difficulty, though there are some plants, it is true, which are easier to increase than these. Paxton says that the roots of all species are violently emetic. What to Grow.We recommend the following speciesthe dwarfer ones for rock garden purposes : Trillium californicum.Syn. T. ovaium, which see. T. cernuum.This is a white May blooming sort about ij ft. high. T. erectum (Syn. T. foetidum). This, popularly known as Birthroot, is a dark purple sort flowering in May, and growing about i ft. high. T. erythrocarpum (Syn. T. pictum). Some authorities consider this species, popularly known as the Painted Wood-Lily, which bears white and red flowers, to be synonymous with T. grandiflorum. Its flowers are borne with some profusion from April to June, on plants 6-9 ins. high. T. foetidum.Syn. T. erectum, which see above. T. grandiflorum (Wake Robin). This bears white or rosy-pink flowers from June to July, and averages 6 ins. in height. T. ovatum (Syn. T. californicum). This useful sort bears light purple blooms from May onwards, and grows about 6 ins. high. T. pictum.Syn. T. erythrocarpum, which see. T. sessile californicum.This is a favourite species bearing white flowers in May, and growing about 6 ins. high.

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