What is THYMYL?

A compound in which thymol, C,0HuO, forms the fundamental part. T. Acetate, acetylthymol, C,0HnOCjH.O; boils at 244.70 C. T. Benzoate, CHLOCjHjO, a compound of thymol acting as a phenol and benzoic acid. It melts at 320 C. T. Carbonate, COC10HlsOj, formed bypassing a current of carbon oxychlorid through a soda solution of thymol. T. Ethylether, CHjjOCjHj; boils at 2220 C. T. Methyl-ether, Cj0HjjOCHj; boils at 216.70 C.

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Definition of  THYMYL