What is THYMOL?

Syn., Metacymophenol; Thyme-camphor; Thymic acid; Alethyhtonnalpropyl- phenol. T. Camphor. See under Camphor. T. Carbonate, a white tasteless, crystalline substance, showing a neutral reaction; fuses at 490 C. It is recommended as preferable to thymol in uncinariasis. Dose, 30 gr. Syn., Thymotol. T. Chlor- methylsalicylate, a condensation-product of thymol and chlormethylsalicylic acid. Antiseptic. T. Salicylate, C,0II3O . C,H503, a reaction-product of sodium salicylate with sodium thymolate and phosphorus trichlorid, forming a white crystalline powder; soluble in alcohol and ether. It is an intestinal antiseptic. Syn., Salithymol. T.-urethane, a compound of thymol and thymol carbonic ester forming colorless crystals insoluble in water; used as an anthelmintic.

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Definition of  THYMOL