What is STYRONE?

A compound of balsam of Peru and styrax. It occurs usually in the form of a brown, syrupy liquid, of a pleasantly aromatic odor, and a pungent, biting, persistent taste; it also crystallizes.It is antiseptic, deodorant,analgesic, and makes a pleasant deodorizer, in solution, used as a spray, likewise an agreeable mouth-wash, to neutralize tobacco and other odors, and is used as an antiseptic in dental practice. In from 1 to 5 per cent, solutions it furnishes a strong antiseptic for surgical use, dissolved in olive-oil, or mixed with ointment- bases; it has also ben recommended in the treatment of otorrhea. S. Method, a method of bleaching microscopic preparations of parasitic fungi by the use of styrone.

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Definition of  STYRONE