What is SPIRAL?

A curve with constantly increasing diameters; wound like the threads of a screw. S. Bandage. See Bandage. S. Canal. See Cochlea. S., Cheese, the Spirillum tyrogenum. Ss., Curschmann’s, a form of curled and tufted fibrous exudate, seen in the sputum of asthma, pneumonia, etc. They are held to be pathognomonic of exudative bronchiolitis. See Ss., Leyden’s. S. Duct, a duct whose wall has a spiral thickening on its inner surface. S., Finkler and Prior’s. See Spirillum. S. Ganglion. See Ganglion. S. Groove. See Sulcus spiralis. S., Herxheimer’s, peculiar fibers in the epidermis and the epithelium of certain mucous membranes. Eddowes thinks them to be of a fibrinous nature. S. Lamina. See Lamina. S. Layer, the middle of the three layers of the tracheal tube of an insect. Ss., Leyden’s, a mesh of delicate fibers usually arranged in spiral form, which are found m the sputum and are the result of desquamative catarrhal inflammation. S. Tendency. See under Theory. S. Tubes of Kidney. See Tubuli uriniferi. S. Vessel, a tubular structure formed by the endwise coalescence of elongated cells with spiral layers of thickening in their walls.

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Definition of  SPIRAL