The overcoming of cohesion in the molecules of a solid by means of a liquid menstruum and their diffusion among those of the liquid. The infusion of the molecules of a gaseous or of a liquid substance among those of a liquid; a liquid in which a solid has been dissolved; “a homogeneous mixture exerting an osmotic pressure.” Arsenical, Liquor potassii arsetiitis. S., Burnett’s, an aqueous solution of zinc chlorid. S., Centi- normal, a solution of the strength of a normal solution. S. of Contiguity, the separation of two parts normally in contact. S. of Continuity, division of a tissue by traumatism, inflammation, or disease. Decinormal, a solution of the strength of a normal solution. S., Dobell’s, a solution containing 2 drams of borax, 1 of sodium bicarbonate, 45 grains of carbolic acid, I oz. of glycerin, and water to make I pint. S., Donovan’s, a solution of the iodids of arsenic and mercury. S., Fehling’s, a solution of cupric sulphate, potassium tartrate, and sodium hydrate in water. It is used in testing for sugar. See Tests, Table of. Fowler’s. Liquor potassii arsenitis. S., Kop- peschaar’s, a decinormal bromin volumetric solution. It is employed to test the strength of carbolic acid. Labarraque’s, a solution of chlorinated soda. Lugol’s, a solution of iodin and potassium iodid in water. S., Magendie’s, a solution of 16 grains of sulphate of morphin in 1 oz. of water. S., Mayer’s, decinormal mercuric potassium iodid volumetric solution. S., Monsel’s, Liquor ferri subsulphatis. S., Normal- a standard solution containing in each liter an amount of the reagent sufficient to exactly replace or combine with one gram of hydrogen. S., Normal Saline, a solution of 75 parts of sodium chlorid in 10,000 of water. S., Saturated, a solution in which no more of the molecules of the solid can be diffused through the menstruum. See also Liquor. S., Seminormal, a solution having the strength of a normal solution. S., Standard, a solution containing definite quantities of chemicals whose exact reactions are known. S., Standardized, one made of standard strength. S., Vlemingkx’s, a solution of quicklime and flowers of sulphur in water. It is useful in seborrhea. S., Volhard’s, decinormal potassium sulphocyanate volumetric solution. S., Volumetric. See S., Standard.

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