What is SHRUBS?

It is obviously impossible to describe the thousands of species and varieties of shrubs now available to the gardener. The limited space at our command will prevent this, and, except for giving short articles on Evergreens, Flowering Shrubs, Rhododendrons, and a few others, we are contenting ourselves with giving the list below, which comprises all the best shrubs for the garden of the amateur. Unless definitely stated to the contrary, all the shrubs are hardy in the average climate of the British Isles. Evergreen species are marked E., and those which are tender or half-hardy are marked H.H.E., in the case of the evergreen, and H.H.D. for the tender or half-hardy deciduous kinds. Species not marked with any initials are deciduous. For full descriptions and further cultural details the reader must consult larger works, and he should read nurserymens catalogues for the numerous varieties in commerce. It may be said, however, that those named will generally thrive in ordinary garden soil, lightened if heavy by the addition of some leafsoil. The names given are those recognised at Kew, and synonyms are in most cases omitted, as they are in many instances very confused and too numerous. Climbers are not included in the list below, but they will be found dealt with in our article on Climbing and Trailing Plants. Subjects specially suitable for use as Foliage Plants will be found in our article on Foliage Plants for All Purposes. Editor.Select List of Garden Shrubs. ABELIA. A. chinensis.The Rock Abelia, with pink flowers in August and September. Height, 2-3 ft. A. floribunda (E.). Rosy purple flowers in March. Height, 3 ft. A. spathulata (H.H.E.). Pink flowers in April. Height, 2-3 ft. A. triflora (/f.H.E.).Yellow and pink flowers in September. Height, 6 ft. ABUTILON. See also separate article and article on Climbing AND Trailing Plants. A . viiifolium. Lilac flowers in June. Height, 10 ft. ADENOCARPUS. A. decorticans (H.H.E.).Yellow flowers in May. Height, 3 ft. jEGLE. Bengal Quince or Hardy Orange. M. sepiaria (

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