The dye wood of the Pterocarpus santtdnus, a tree indigenous in the tropical parts of Asia. It is used in India for dyeing silk and cotton, to which it imparts reds of various hues. The active red colouring matter is named santalin 2, and can be obtained in fine small red crystals insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol. Sandalwood oil, distilled by steam under pressure, from the wood of the East Indian Santalum album, contains from 90 to 96 per cent, santalol, and a terpene named santene, and is used in perfumery and medicinally in the treatment of gonorrhoea. The East Indian oils have a sp. gr. of from 0973 to 0982 optical rotation, i4 degreesto 210; and refractive index, 15023 to 15093. The West Indian oil has a sp. gr. of oy6o to 0976; optical rotation, + 180 to +29 degrees; and refractive index, 15078 to 15096. The Western Australian oil, from Fusanus spicatus R.Br., which is related to the East Indian tree, has a sp. gr. of from 0958 to 0*972, optical rotation of 025 to 087, and retractive index 1503 to 1510.

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