What is RITTER’S?

Disease. See Dermatitis exfoliativa neonatorum and Diseases, Table of. R.’s Law of Contraction, ” a nerve is stimulated both at the moment of the occurrence and that of the disappearance of electrotonus : When the current is closed, the stimulation occurs only at the kathode, i.e., at the moment when the kathelectrotonus takes place; when the current is opened, stimulation occurs only at the anode, at the moment when the anelectrotonus disappears. ” See Tetanus. R.’s Tetanus, a temporary tetanic state caused by sending a constant current of electricity to a nerve and then suddenly interrupting it. R.-Valli Law, “If a nerve be separated from its’ center, or if the center die, the excitability of the nerve is at first increased; the excitability then falls until it disappears entirely. This process take place more rapidly in the central than in the peripher part of the nerve, so that the peripheral end of s nerve separated from its center remains excitable for s longer time than the central end.” See Law.

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Definition of  RITTER’S