What is RESINS?

A class of uncrystallizable vegetable products which are insoluble in water as distinct from gums. They soften, as a rule, upon heating and are more or less soluble in alcohol, ether, benzine, turpentine, and other solvents. Many of them are exudations from living trees and some of these are supposed to result from oxidation of the volatile or essential oils which are secreted by them. These exudations are sometimes artificially facilitated by incisions made in the trees as in the case of crude turpentine. Others are of fossil origin but have been probably produced by similar natural processes, while many others are extracted from plants by the use of solvents such as alcohol, benzene, or volatile oils. They are mostly yellow or brown in colour; some are hard and fracture easily; others are soft; and some become electric when rubbed. Descriptions of some of the following will be found under their several names 01 under the heading of Balsams: Amber, Ammoniacum, Anime, AsaCrtida, Benzoin, Burgundy, Capsicum, Copaiba, Copal, Dammar, Dragon

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Definition of  RESINS