A genus of acrid herbs of many species, growing in many temperate and cold regions, e.g., buttercups, or crowfoot. Many of the species are acrid poisons, and have been used acris, bulbosus, Jlammulat and sceleratus as counter-irritants and vesicants. R. aconitifolius, a native of Europe. The root, juice, and green leaves are used. R. acris, blis- ter-plant; very irritant, causing erythema sesti- vum. R. alpestris, white crowfoot of the Alps. The chamois-hunters chew the leaves, which are said to prevent giddiness and fatigue. R. aquatilis, water anemone, floating white crowfoot; a species of Europe and North America. It is said to be poisonous when fresh, but otherwise wholesome and nutritive. R. asiaticus, turkey crowfoot; the common garden species. R. bulbosus, crow-flower; buttercup; a European and North American species; very acrid. It was once official as radix ranunculi bulbosi, and is still used by the homeopathists. R. creticus, a species known to the ancients, and used by them for the cure of warts, chilblains, scabies, and ulcers, also for toothache. R. ficaria, the lesser celandine, an edible species found in Europe; the leaves are eaten as salad, the root prepared as a vegetable. R. glacialis, a species found in the Alps. The root possesses sudorific properties, and is used in rheumatism and bronchial affections. R. lingua, R. longifolius, spearwort; great crowfoot; found in Europe, Asia, and North America. The root and herb were formerly official. R. muricatus, a European species, possessing stimulant and vesicant properties, and used for skin-diseases. R. paludensis, R. palustris, old pharmaceutic names for R. scelcrattis. R. repens, creeping crowfoot; buttercup; occurring in Europe, Asia, and North America. The herbs and flowers were formerly official. R. sceleratus, water celery; a very acrid species found in Europe, Asia, and North Ameria, and formerly used as a vesicant. It contains a resin and a volatile oil which yields anem- onin and anemonic acid.

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