What is PULVIS?

A powder. In pharmacy, one or more medicinal substances reduced to a state of very fine division. There are nine official pulveres. P. antimonialis. See Powder, James’. P. aromaticus, a mixture of cinnamon and ginger, each 35 parts, in No. 60 powder, and with nutmeg in No. 20 powder and cardamom seeds, each 15 parts. P. cretae compositus, consists of prepared chalk 30, powdered acacia 20, and sugar 50 parts. Dose 10-60 grains. A mild astringent. P. Doveri. See Powder, Dover’s. P. effervescens compositus, Seidlitz powder. A preparation consisting of two powders : the white paper contains 35 grains of tartaric acid, the blue paper, 40 grains of sodium bicarbonate and 2 drams of Rochelle salt. P. gly- cyrrhizse compositus, consists of senna, 18; licorice, 16; fennel, 8; washed sulphur, 8; sugar, 50. P. ipecacuanhae et opii. See Powder, Dovers. P. jalapae compositus, consists of jalap, 35 parts; cream of tartar, 65 parts. It is a useful hydragogue cathartic. Dose 30 to 60 grains. P. opii. See Opium. P. parturiens, an old name for ergot. P. rhei compositus, consists of rhubarb, 25; magnesia, 65; ginger, 10 parts. A mild laxative. Dose 30 to 60 grains.

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Definition of  PULVIS