P. and Aluminium Salicylate, a crystalline reaction-product of aluminium salicylate and potassium acetate; soluble in water and used as an antiseptic and in rheumatism. P. and Ammonium Tartrate. NII4. KC411406, transparent crystals, soluble in water, obtained from cream of tartar with ammonium carbonate. It is used as a cathartic. P.-amylxanthogenate, K . Max. dose, gr. P. Aurobromid, AiiBrsKIr -f- 2H2, purple crystals soluble in water or alcohol, with a red-brown color; antiseptic. Subcutaneous dose, 0.C08-0 012 gm. PI Benzoate, KC7II503 -f 3′ U

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Definition of  POTASSIUM