What is PLUMBUM?

Lead. Symbol PI Atomic weight, 207; quantivalence, II or IV. bluish-white, soft, malleable metal, having a specif gravity of 11.4, and melting at 3320. See Elemen, Table of. Lead is obtained from a native sulph called galena, by roasting. Soluble salts of lead cor bine with albumin, forming albuminates. In larj doses by the stomach they are irritant to the niuco membrane. Upon the intestines they act as powerf astringents. If absorbed into the circulation in sin quantities for a considerable period of time, ler causes a very interesting and varied group of sym1 toms, which are described under Saturnism, 1 Lead is eliminated through the kidneys and t intestinal mucosa. It appears to check the dinnation of uric acid, and is, especially in England, a factor in the causation of gout in lead-workers. In medicine, lead is used locally as a sedative to inflamed parts; as an astringent to mucous surfaces, as in gonorrhea and leukorrhea. Internally, it is used in pyrosis, in diarrhea and dysentery; and for its astringent action on the vessels, in hematemesis, hemoptysis, and bleeding from the kidneys and the uterus. It has also been employed in edema and in gangrene of the lungs. P. acetas, PbSee Glycerin. P. subacetat., Linimentum, Goulard

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Definition of  PLUMBUM