This is a genus of herbaceous perennials which are hardy in the warmer parts of the British Isles. They do not require anything special in the way of culture beyond a rich soil and a sheltered site in the borders. Propagation by seeds, cuttings, and root division at the usual time is not a matter of much difficulty, while the best planting period is from early March onwards. We recommend the following, especially the first two ; these bear attractive red seed capsules after blooming which are useful for winter decoration : Physalis Alkekengi (Bladder Herb).This bears white flowers from July to September, on plants about I J ft. high. P. Bunyardii.This is a handsome white-flowered hybrid of the above. It is more free flowering, and has larger seed pods. P. edulis.Syn. P. peruviana below. P. Francheti.This is a white species blooming from August onwards, and averaging i J ft. in height. P- peruviana (yvi- P. edulis). This is the well-known Cape Gooseberry, bearing yellow or white flowers from July onwards, and growing 3-4 ft. in height.

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