A numbei of preparations, called “permutits,” are artificially produced silicates, capable of exchanging their basic constituents when placed in certain solutions; so that when employed for softening water an exchange takes place, the soda of the “permutit” passing into the water and being replaced by the lime and magnesia of the water. The general method of preparation consists in melting china clay with quartz and sodium carbonate, and washing with water, the product being a double silicate of soda and alumina, containing about 46 per cent, of Si02, 22 per cent, of A1203, 136 per cent. NaaO, and 184 per cent. II20. The permutit is revivified by passing a fairly strong solution of common salt through it, which restores it to its original constitution, so that after washing it with water, it can be used again for softening further quantities of hard water.

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