What is PAINTS?

Mixtures of whitelead, redlead, zinc oxide, zinc sulphide, lime, barium sulphate, or other mineral bases with boiled linseed oil and turpentine, used to prevent the rusting of iron and for the preservation of wood and other surfaces; also for artistic and decorative purposes. Tests have definitely proved that a paint made with 50 per cent, barytes and 50 per cent, whitelead is more durable as a pigment than pure whitelead paint. A luminous paint of soft greenish glow and great durability is now prepared by incorporating a small proportion of radium salt in a zinc sulphide base, using some good binding material such as nitro cellulose lacquer. Volatile liquids, such as benzene, petrol, turpentine, naphtha, and acetone, are used in paintmaking as thinners or vehicles, and upon evaporation, leave the boiled linseed oil and mineral base on the coated surfaces. The linseed oil absorbs oxygen from the air, and mixed with the base forms a conglomerate solid mass constituting the real paint. Turpentine differs from the other vehicles named, inasmuch as it does not volatilize so quickly, and absorbing oxygen from the air/, forms a skin of oxidized product, thus adding slightly to the weight of the dry paint.

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