What is NUTMEG?

OILSThe wild oil nutmegs of Myristica sebifera, abundant in South America, yield about 26 per cent, of oil of yellowish colour and sp. gr. 0870 to 0925, soluble in alcohol, which can be expressed and used for soap and candle making. Nutmegs are also used as a condiment in cooking and in the preparation of mace. Nutmegs are grown in the Molucca Islands and are also cultivated in Java, Sumatra, Singapore, etc. The oil contains a narcotic body named myristicin. The kernels of the Otoba nutmeg, from Colombia, are stated to yield 72 per cent, of a colourless, volatile oil, of sp. gr. 0894 optical rotation 47955, and refractive index 1502 soluble to the extent of 16 volumes in 90 per cent, alcohol at 151 C.

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Definition of  NUTMEG