Pertaining to, resembling, composed of, or having well-developed, muscles. M. Fiber, a fiber of muscular tissue. It exists in two varieties, striped and unstriped, the latter being associated with involuntary, the former with voluntary motion. M. Force, the energy produced in muscular motion. It is thought to be derived from the oxidation of the fats or carbohydrates of muscular tissue. M. Hypertrophy. See Paralysis, Pseudo-hypertrophic. M. Motion, the phenomena attending a self-produced change of position of the body or of any of its parts. It includes voluntary, involuntary, and mixed movements. See Motion. M. Plate Same as Muscle-plate. M. Rheumatism, rheumatism aifecting the muscles. Synonym of Myalgia. M. Sensations, the feelings that accompany the action of muscles. M. Sense, the sense of motion, weight, and position upon which the adjustment of the body to its surroundings depends. Sen- jory-nerve fibrils probably exist in muscles that convey these sensations. The capacity of experiencing muscu

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Definition of  MUSCULAR