Inflammation of the membranes of the brain or cord; that of the dura is termed pachymeningitis, that of the pia-arachnoid, leptomeningitis. M., Acute. See Leptomeningitis. M Ascending, a form that begins in the membranes of the lower cord and ascends. M., Basilar. See M., Tuberculous. M., Cerebral, M., C2rebro-spinal, a form affecting the membranes of the brain, and those of the cord and brain respectively. It is usually epi- de;nic. M. of the Convexity, simple leptomeningitis. M., Epidemic. Svnonym of Fever, Cerebro-spinal. M., Granular, the same as M., Tuberculous. M., Malignant. Synonym of Fei’er, Cerebro-spinal. M., Rhachidian. Synonym of M., Spinal. M,, Scrofulous. See M., Tuberculous. M., Septic, that due to an infectious process. M siderans, a fulminant, rapidly fatal form of cerebro-spinal fever. M., Simple, that not due to tuberculosis or sepsis. M., Spinal, meningitis of the membranes of the spinal cord. M., Syphilitic, meningitis due to syphilis. M., Traumatic, that following injur

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