What is MARSH?

A swamp or bog. M -fever. See Malaria. M.-gas, Methyl Hydrid, Fire damp, Methane; a hydrocarbon having the composition CHj. It occurs in swamps as a product of the decora position of vegetable tissue. It constitutes a large pro portion of common illuminating-gas. M.-miasm See Malaria. M. Rosemary, the root of Slatia caroliniana, a bitter astringent, resembling kino ir therapeutic properties. It is a popular New Englanc remedy for cancrum oris and for aphthous affections 0 the mouth. Dose of the fid. ext. 5 ss-j. M. Trefoil See Metiyanthes trifoliata. M.-mallow. See Altkiea. M.-marigold. See Caltha.

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Definition of  MARSH