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MORISIA (Mediterranean Cress Nat Ord Cruciferas)

A number of interesting and beautiful moths are mentioned in the article on Insect Pests. Moths do a very great deal of damage indirectly, as also do butterflies, by laying eggs which hatch out into caterpillars. Probably two of the worst moths are the Heart and Dart Moth and the Turnip Dart Moth. In order to prevent the caterpillars being hatched, it is advisable to catch as many of the moths as possible. These moths fly about on still summer nights, and an ingenious method of destroying them, which does not occur to most people, is to put a few lighted candles about the garden where the moths seem fondest of flying. The moths are attracted by the lights and fly into them, thus committing suicide. They can, of course, be caught with a butterflynet, but most gardeners have something better to do than to be dashing about the pleasure-grounds after a few moths.

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