What is KINO?

Syn., Adstringens fother- gilii. 2. A general term for the astringent inspissated juice of a tree, as furnished by many species of Eucalyptus. K., African, K. africanum, K., Amboyna, K., Malabar. See Kino K., American, K. americanum, K. occidentale, K., West Indian. See K, Jamaica K., Asiatic, K., Bengal, K., Indian, K., Palas. See K, Butea K., Botany Bay, the most brilliant of all kinos; obtained from blood wood, Eucalyptus corymbosa, Sm., and from E. siderophloia, Benth. K., Burmese, obtained from Pterocarpus indicus, Willd.

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Definition of  KINO