What is KEIRP?

The ashes of burnt seaweeds, containing sodium carbonate, sulphate, and sulphide, together with the chlorides. of potassium and sodium, and insoluble substances comprising calcium carbonate, silica, and alumina. Kelp was at one time used for the extraction of both alkali and iodine, the latter being recovered from the motherliquor remaining after the crystallization of the salts from the extracted ashes. Two published analyses give the percentic parts as follows: Potassium sulphate…… Soi9o Soda as carbonate and sulphide 8555 Potassium and sodium chlorides 3653y5 The pressed coke is saturated successively with hot hydrochloric acid and water, and is afterwards used as a decolourizing agent. After removal of the sulphates from the brine liquor, it is heated in a vacuum pan to a certain point of concentration and then transferred to a vacuum crystallizer, in which the potassium chloride deposits. Upon further concentration the sodium chloride separates, whilst from the motherliquor iodine is obtained. In another process, the kelp is fed into one end of a rotary kiln, in which t encounters a flame of burning oil from the other end, thus producing a charcoallike mass which is subsequently quenched, ground and leached, or it may be burned to a grey loose ash with a potassium content equal to about 35 per cent. I20. About 8 lbs. iodine can be extracted from a ton of Scotch kelp.

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