What is IRON?

2. Seelrone. I. Albuminate, Peptonized, light-brown powder, soluble in water. Dose, 3-10 gr. Syn., Peptonized ferric albuminate. I. Albuminate, Sac- charated, reddish-brown powder, soluble in water. Dose, 5-20 gr. I. Alcoholized, pulverized iron. I. Alginate, a tasteless brown powder containing 11% of iron, valuable for its nonirritating qualities. Dose, 10-15 gr- I., Am- moniated, I., Ammoniochlorid, I. and Ammonium Chlorid, a reddish-yellow, hygroscopic powder containing 2.5 of ferric chlorid and 97.5% chlorid; it is used as an aperient and chalybeate. Dose, 4-12 gr. Syn., Ammonium chlorid, jer- rated. I. and Ammonium Arsenocitrate, used as an antiperiodic for children. Dose, hypodermically ‘/2 gr. every second or third day. I. Benzoate, Fe.,-f- 4y2 HsO, emerald- green crystals used a> an emmenagog. Dose, 3-15 gr. I. and Sodium Pyropnosphate, FeiPjO;s2Na4PjOI -f- 140, whitish granules or powder used as an emmenagog. Dose, 3-15 gi. I. and Sodium Tartrate,brownish- black scales, tonic, astringent. Dose, 10-30 gr. I.-somatose. See Ferrosomatose. I. Succinate, Fe0HC4H404, amorphous reddish- brown powder, tonic and alterative, used as solvent in biliary calculi. Dose, 1 teaspoonful of the salt with 10 drops of chloroform 4 to 6 times daily. Syn., Ferric succinate. I. Sugar. See Iron Oxid, Red., Saccharated. I. Sulfate, Basic. See Ferrum substilph. I. Sulfate, Ferric, Fe,S043, a grav- ish-white powder used as a disinfectant and bactericide. Svn., Normal ferric sulfate; Iron tersulfate; I. persulfate; I. sesquisulfate. I.-tropon, a mixture of tropon, 50$, and iron, 25. Dose, 1 small tea- spoonfiil 3 times daily. I. Vitellinate, a preparation of iron and yolk of egg.

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Definition of  IRON