(Cow Parsnip. Nat. Ord. Umbelliferse).-Most of the Cow Parsnips are a great deal too coarse in habit to be worthy of a place in the flower borders. They are, however, distinctly useful for shrub borders, the water garden, or in the wild garden, where they may be grown in almost every kind of soil with little care. The perennials may be propagated without difiiculty by root division, and any species by seeds at the usual times, and may be successfully planted in open weather throughout the winter. Biennial Species.The following may be included if space permit, all of which produce white flowers in May and June: H. asperum (3-4 ft.) ; H. fyrenaicum (3 ft.) ; H. Sfhondylium, the coarse growing HoGWEED (4-5 ft.); and H. villasum (4-12 ft.). Perennial Species.These are preferable to the above biennials. All those named below bear white flowers from June to September : H. lanatum (4 ft.) ; H. LeichtUnii (5-6 ft.) ; H. nepalense (4-6 ft.) ; H. Panaces, popularly known as Hercules All-heal (4-6 ft.) ; H. persicum (10-14 ft.) ; and H. Wallichii (4-6 ft.).

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