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(Alum Root. Nat. Ord. Saxifragaceae).This genus is one of which hybridists are very fond, for there are hosts of named sorts offered by the trade. The list of varieties is ever on the increase, and the already lovely flowers are yearly being improved. It is essentially a plant for the herbaceous border, though some of the more startling hybrids, such as Crimson Spray (see under H. hybrida below), look well when given beds to themselves. All the species and varieties described below are quite hardy, and all are perennials, succeeding in ordinary rich soil in a sunny site. They are easily propagated by seeds sown in the usual way in the spring or summer in light soil, or by division of the roots in the autumn or spring, at which times they may be successfully planted, and lovers of floral effects on the tables in the house should note that most of them, especially the named hybrids, are grand for cutting. Only a selection of the very best can be given here on account of limited space. H. americana.This bears purple flowers in May and June, and grows 12 ins. high. H. brizoides.-Oi this there are many varieties. Three of the best are Flambeau (pink or rose) ; gracillima (rosy-crimson) ; and Profusion (lovely white). All bloom very freely from June to August, and average i2j ft. high. H. glabra.This is a very pretty pink May flowering sort, growing 12 ins. high. H. Uspida (Syn. H. Richardsoni). This, known as the Satin Leaf, bears flowers which are veined with purple in May. It is a sort chiefly grown for its foliage, about i yd. high.H. hybrida.The sort known to, and sold by nurserymen, under this name, bears flowers ranging through flesh tint, and coral red to carmine. It blooms from June to August, and grows i-2 ft. high. There are many other delightful hybrids flowering as freely and of similar height, such as Crimson Spray (bright crimson) ; Kilnfield White (pure white) ; Lady Salmon (lovely coral red or deep pink) ; La Perle (white with rose blush) ; Mrs H. C. Baker (large part white) ; Nancy Perry (bright pink) ; Pink Profusion (glorious pink) ; Pluie de Feu (fiery red) ; Rosamunde (pink) ; Rosea (pink) ; Rosy Gem (pale rose) ; Rubis (bright scarlet) ; and Salmon Queen (lovely pale rose-pink). H. sanguinea.This species is often a shy bloomer, but bears bright almost flame-red flowers from June onwards, and averages i -2 ft. high. There are many excellent varieties of it flowering about the same time and averaging the same height, for instance alba is white, gigantea is a large crimson sort, grandiflora is similar, robusta is also similar, Shirley is a bright coral red, and Walkers Variety is a very large crimson and a much freer flowered sort.

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