G., Acid, Boric. See Boroglycerin G., Acid, Carbolic, a mixture of glycerin, So parts, with carbolic acid, 20 parts; it is used as an internal and external antiseptic diluted with water. Dose, 5-20 Application, reduce with water to or l. G., Acid, Gallic, glycerin, 80 parts; gallic acid, 20 parts. An antiseptic and astringent. Dose, 20-60 G., Acid, Sulfurous,sulfurdioxid in glycerin; an antiseptic syrupy liquid used externally in skin- diseases, etc. G., Aluminium Acetate. See Aluminium Acetoglycerinate. G., Boroglycerin, a thick, sweet, colorless liquid consisting of 31 fc of boric acid in glycerin. It is an external antiseptic. G., Egg Yolk. See Glyconin G. of Tannin, glycerin, So parts; tannic acid, 20 parts; an astringent syrupy liquid used in erysipelas, skin-diseases, etc. Dose, 20 6011 G., Tar, a compound of tar, glycerin, alcohol, and water: a. dark-brown liquid with taste and odor of tar; used as an antiseptic and expectorant. Dose, 60-120 3-7

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