What is GLUE?

gluere, to draw together, A decomposi- tion-product of many nitrogenous animal tissues. These lose their organized structure, on heating with water, swell up, and gradually go into solution. The solutions, even when very dilute, gelatinize on cooling, forming a jelly that dries to a horny translucent mass. This mass is glue, or gelatin, as the finer grades are termed. It dissolves in hot water and forms a liquid possessing notable cementing-power. Two proximate principles seem to be present as characteristic in all preparations of glue: glutin, obtained chiefly from the hide and larger bones, and chondrin, from the young bones while yet in the soft state, and the cartilages of the ribs and joints. Of these the former much exceeds the latter in adhesive power. Hide-glite is the variety that shows most strongly the adhesive property. Its color may vary considerably without any impairment of its adhesive power. It is usually of a gray to amber or brown- yellow color, and translucent or partially opaque. It should be clear, dry, and hard, and possess a glassy fracture. It should swell up but not dissolve in cold water, but should dissolve in water at 62.5

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Definition of  GLUE