What is GASSING?

from chlorine in chemical works is not infrequent, and is generally caused by the workmen entering the chambers wherein lime has been chlorinated in course of the manufacture of bleachingpowder, before the chlorine gas has been exhausted, and at other times owing to accidental leakages. It is usual for the workmen to hold rags or a cloth wetted with water or dilute sodium carbonate in their mouths to prevent injury. In the recent war, gassing attacks by means of a chlonne cloud produced by the use of liquefied chlorine were made, and various other substances were used, including cyanogen chloride , chlorinated picric acid and phosgene , xylyl bromide and benzyl bromide, and later, chloromethyl and trichloromethyl chloroformates highly poisonous bodies. The so called “mustard gas” was produced by the use of the oily, liquid, dichlorethyl sulphide 2S, which, although it does not produce any immediate effect on the eyes, brings about most severe inflammation and intractable blisters later, acute pneumonia, and other serious results, due to its hydrolysis within the eye, leading to the formation of hydrochloric acid in the live cells. A number of other chemical compounds, including sulphur trioxide, were also employed. Suitable chemical reagents for neutralizing these various poisons were provided as far as possible, l”ing used in respirators. A solution containing sodium sulphide and soap, used in the form of a fine spray, has been found very effective in purifying the air from certain toxic gases, including chloropicrin, chlorine, phosgene, meihylchloroformates, acrolein, hromoacetone, cyanogen chloride, and benzyl iodide, bromide, and chloride. GASTHIO JUI33 contains in 1,000 parts about 994 to 995 parts of water, 5 per cent, of various saline substances, 3 per cent, of pepsin, and a verysmall quantity of free acid, including hydrochloric acid. It has the power of dissolving albuminous substances taken as food, thus producing peptones, so that the food is made assinrlable.

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