What is FOODS?

are the other substances which, in addition to water and air, serve to repair the various tissues of the body and to renew its energy. They are generally classified under the headings of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, although vegetable acids and mineral salts are essential to a perfect dietary, as also a small quantity of the mysterious substances called hormones and vitamines. Tea, coffee, and alcohol are often regarded as mere stimulants or accessories, but while tea and coffee may be so viewed, alcohol is a real food when taken in moderation, all of it being consumed in the body and serving to replace so much other food. It is usual nowadays to calculate food values in terms of calories Cheat units, a kilccalorie being the quantity of heat sufficient to raise a kilogramme of water one degree Centigrade, and it is reckoned that proteins and carbohydrates each produce 4i calories for every gramme consumed as against 93 calories for each gramme of fat consumed. A committee of the Royal Society reported during the recent war that each man engaged in active work requires per day 100 rms. or 3 ozs. protein, 100 grms. or 31 ozs. fat, and 500 grms. or 17J ozs. carbohydrates, totalling approximately 3,400 calories per man per day. In this connection it should be remembered that fats and carbohydrates are 10 some extent interchangeable and both are similarly interchangeable with alcohol to some degree. Taking the five prewar years the following table gives the quantities in metric tons of the total foods imported and Some produced:

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Definition of  FOODS