(Spurge. Nat. Ord. Euphorbiacese).This is a large genus of stove shrubs, greenhouse shrubs, greenhouse perennials, hardy and stove annuals, hardy or halfhardy biennials, and hardy her baceous perennials. To describe the culture of any of the species save those in the last section is beyond our scope. None of the species are very desirable plants and some are very veeedy. The following are, however, probably the best known species : E. amygdaloides (Syn. E. sylvatica), the Wood Spurge ; E. Esula, TuRBiTH ) E. helioscopia, the Sun Spurge (see article on Weeds) ; E. Lathyrus, the Caper Spurge, and source of the well-known Capers useful for flavouring purposes ; E. Peplus, the Petty Spurge (see article on Weeds) ; and E. segetalis, the Corn Spurge. Perennial Border Species.These require the usual treatment bestowed on hardy herbaceous perennials and are of easy culture, thriving in ordinary soil in a sunny site. They may be propagated by seeds and root division in the usual way. The best species are : E. Cyfarissias, the Cypress Spurge (height, 12 ins.) ; E. hyberna, the Irish Spurge (height, 12 ins.) ; E. palusiris, the Marsh Spurge (height, 3-4 ft.) ; E. Paralias, the Seaside Spurge (height, 12 ins.) ; and E. portlandica, the Portland Spurge (height, 9 ins.). These may be used in the perennial and rock borders, also in the shrub border and wild garden, while E. palustris is useful in the drier portions of the water garden.

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