This oil varies with the species, from which it is produced, and there are upwards of 200 species, so that the oils of commerce are often of mixed character and constitution, the several constituents varying accord ingly in their proportions. They are all soluble in alcohol, etier, chloroform, and carbon disulphide, and are used in medicine, in perfumery, and some of them in the flotation process of ore concentration. The sp. gr. varies, for the reasons above given, from 0850 to 0940. The globulus ar.ety is generally preferred to the amygdalina oil on account of its superior content of euealyptol and its density of odour, but as sanitary agents there is little to choose between the many kinds of oil that are available. The globulus oil has a sp. gr. of from 091 to 093; refractive index, 1469 to 1475; rotation + io degrees to io degrees, and contains from 50 to 80 per cent, of cineol, which is soluble in alcohol. The Amygdalina Oil has a sp. gr. of 0855 t0 089, and a rotation of 25 degrees to 8o degreesIt is not nearly so pungent in odour as the globulus oil, and the terpene named phellandrejie is its chief constituent The Citriodora Oil has a sp. gr. of 087 to 0905, and a rotation of o degrees to +2 degrees. It has a characteristic odour, does not contain cineol, but consists chiefly of citronellol.

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