What is ETHER?

I. The tenuous subtle fluid filling space and interpenetrating all bodies; the medium of transmission of the vibratory activities called light, heat, electricity, and magnetism. 2.A thin, colorless, volatile, and highly inflammable liquid; in composition a di-ethylic oxid It is used mainly as a solvent for fats and oils, and as an anesthetic. Internally it is anodyne, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, and narcotic. Inhaled it is an anesthetic, and a cardiac stimulant in toxic doses, paralyzing the respiratory centers. See also Anesthetic. The term is used also to designate a large class of organic compounds. See Table annexed. E., Acetic, has properties like those of ethylic ether. Dose nx-jj. E., Commercial, contains 94 per cent, of ether. It is unfit for use except as a solvent. E. fortior, should contain 94 per cent, of ethylic oxid. Dosenx-j. E., Hydriodic, Dose for inhalation rr, xv. E., Hydrobromic, Dose 1TL x

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Definition of  ETHER