The cuticle or cellular-structure of mucous surfaces, and also of the skin of the body. E. chrotale, the ectoderm. . E., Ciliated, a form in which the cells bear vibratile filaments or cilia at their free extremities. E., Columnar, distinguished by prismatic-shaped or columnar cells. E., Nucleated, consisting of circular or hexagonal cells, each containing a nucleus. Ciliated Cells. Columnar Cells. Goblet-cells. Squamous-cells. E., Pavement, or Cuboidal, cubical or polygonal cells covering the surface like the stones of a pavement. E., Squamous, the cells have been reduced to flattened, scaly plates. E., Stratified, the cells are arranged in distinct layers. E., Tessellated. Same as E., Pavement. E., Transitional, intermediate between simple and stratified.

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Definition of  EPITHELIUM