What is DOPE?

is a common name given to various solutions or varnishes made by dissolving cellulose or cellulose compounds in certain solvents, including acetone, amyl alcohol, amyl acetate, dichlorethylene of sp. gr. iy, boiling at 550 C.; trichlorethylene of sp. gr. 147, boiling at 88 degrees C.; perchlorethylene of sp. gr. 162, boiling at 1210 C.; tetrachlorethane of sp. gr. i*6, boiling at 1470 C.; pentachlorethane of sp. gr. 17, boiling at 159 degrees C. A small addition of boric acid is sometimes made to cellulose dopes in order that they may retain their viscosity. It has been stated that 5 to 8 per cent, of ammonium phosphate or ammonium magnesium phosphate added to cellulose nitrate renders it fireresistant, and qualifies it to compete with cellulose acetate as an aeroplane dope.

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Definition of  DOPE