is a colourless, crystalline body, prepared from cyanogen chloride and an ethereal solution of ammonia. It is deliquescent, melts at 40 degrees C., is soluble in water, alcohol, and ether, and behaves chemically both as a weak base, forming crystalline salts with acids, and as a weak acid, yielding sodium, lead, silver, and calcium compounds. The calcium derivative is commercially produced by heating calcium carbide to about i,ooo degrees C. in a current of air or nitrogen C aC;j + Na = CaCN2 + C, or by passing nitrogen over a mixture of lime and carbon electrically heated to 2,000 degrees C., an excess of carbon being used. The crude product is a black powder containing from 20 to 23 per cent, of nitrogen, and is used as a fertilizing agent under the name of “nitrolime.” The other constituents of nitrolime are about 20 per cent, of free lime, 7 to 8 per cent, of silica, alumina, and iron, and 14 per cent, of carbon in the form of graphite. Under the influence of superheated steam, cyanamide gives off its nitrogen in the form of ammonia.

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