A resinous body of varying meltingpoint, soluble in petroleum, turpentine, acetone, and carbon disulphide, obtained by the polymerization of coumarone and indene contained in certain aromatic naphthas, by means of heat or the action of mineral acids. Paracoumarone resin, formed by polymerization, is made in the United States in large quantities. It is gummy to hard in character, and is found quite suitable for replacing ester gum, or even kaurigum, and others in varnishmaking and rubber substitutes. It is made by treatment of the distillate fraction of solvent naphtha between 160 degrees and 200 degrees C. with either strong sulphuric acid or aluminium chloride, or by simply heating under pressure and subsequent separation from the polymerizing agent, when it sets to a solid resinlike mass of sp. gr. 1

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Definition of  COUMARONE RESIN