What is CORN?

A local induration and thickening of the skin from friction or pressure. See Clavus. C.-flower. See Centaurea. C.-plaster, a thick plaster worn over a corn, sometimes as a direct curative agent, and sometimes to prevent pressure and friction from the shoe. C.-silk, the long, thread-like styles of Indian corn, gathered while still green and succulent. It is used occasionally to relieve the pain and spasm of chronic and subacute cystitis, and is also recommended for gonorrhea, gravel, rheumatism, gout, etc. Dose of the tincture 3 ss toj. See Zea mays. C.-smut. See Ustilago. C.-starch, the commercial name of a starch derived from maize, and extensively used as an article of food, especially for invalids.

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Definition of  CORN