An emulsified mixture of very finely divided coal and mineral oil. One such recommended mixture is 30 per cent, coal, 10 per cent, coaltar distillate, and 60 per cent, mineral oil, the properties of which, such as sp. gr., heat value, and viscosity, are proportional to the respective amounts of the ingredients. Where “slack” or powdered anthracite coal, coke, or pitch is available and cheap, such mixtures may be usefully employed in place of ordinary coal. Powdered dry coal is very mobile, and when suspended in fuel oil it can be passed through an ordinary fuel oil burner, but it is apt to separate on standing, to overcome which characteristic recourse is Lad to the use of a socalled “fixateur”that is, a substance which keeps the coal dust in more or less permanent suspension. To obtain the best results, the carbonaceous matter should be ground so fine that 97 per cent, will pass through a 100mesh screen, and at least 85 per cent, through a 200mesh screen. The flashpoints of most such fuels v ary from 250 degrees to 280 degrees F.

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Definition of  COLLOIDAL FUEL