The name given to any process by which chlorine is imported into a substance; for example, lime is converted into bleaching powder, or socalled chloride of lime, by the action of chlorine, and some additive and many substitution products are derived from benzene hydrocarbons by the introduction of chlorine, hydrogen being replaced by chlorine in the last named instances. Thus benzene hexachloride is an additive substanc e produced by exposing benzene to chlorine gas for a prolonged period, etc. Methyl chloride illustrates the chlorination act by which hydrogen is replaced by chlorine, and is obtained with other substances when chlorine is permitted to act on methane. In the preparation of benzyl chloride from boiling toluene by the action of chlorine, the following interaction takes place: CTH8 + Cl2 = C7H,a+HCl.

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Definition of  CHLORINATION