is a thick, nondrving, yellowish or pale green, odourless oil, extracted or expressed from the seeds of Ricimis communis, a plant which is cultivated in the East and West Indies, Java, Mexico, and other warm climates. It is a mixture of several glycerides, and upon saponification yields a soap which is perfectly dissolved by water. Its chief constituent fatty acid is ricinoleic acid, which melts at 40 to 50 C., has a sp. gr. of 095, and resembles oleic acid in properties. The seeds of the plant yield from 45 to 55 per cent, oil, the medicinal oil being prepared from seeds which have been husked, while the second and third pressings are used industrially. The bleaching of castor oil is usually effected by agitation at 200 degrees F. with 2 to 4 per cent, of Fuller

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Definition of  CASTOR OIL