An organic substance containing hydrogen and oxygen in the proportion in which they form water: that is, twice as many hydrogen as oxygen atoms, and usually six carbon atoms or some multiple of six. The carbohydrates form a large group of interesting organic compounds, and may be arranged into three groups : the glucoses The glucoses are the aldehyd-derivatives or ketone-derivatives of the hexa- hydric alcohols, into which they may be converted by the absorption of two hydrogen atoms. They are mostly crystalline substances, very soluble in water, but dissolving with difficulty in alcohol. They possess a sweet taste The disaccharids and polysaccharids are ethereal anhydrids of the glucoses. All of them may be converted into the glucoses by hydrolytic decomposition. The disaccharids are ether-like anhydrids of the hexoses A Table of Carbohydrates is added. C., Test for. See Tests, Table of.

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Definition of  CARBOHYDRATE