is a byproduct obtained.11 the frac tional distillation of crude camphor oil from Cimamomum camphora, and is a mixture of pinene, cineol, and phellandrene containing some camphor in solution. It has a sp. gr. of about 087 to coo, s soluble in alcohol and ether, and is used as a substitute for turpentine and for illumination. Camphor Wood Oil is sometimes supplied in the form of a yellow crystalline mass, soluble in alcohol and ether, but otherwise as a liquid, and is furnished by dry distillation of the camphor tree wood. It is used in perfumery. From a recently published paper it is gleaned that the oil distilled from the leaves of Indian grown trees contains pinene, dipentene, cineol, terpineol, and caryophyllene, but cineol is stated to be absent from the oil distilled from the twigs. The wood oil is stated to be similar to that pioduced elsewhere: it contains safrol, eugenol, carvocrol, and other substances, but not cineol. Camphor oil is used in ,ipan as raw material for the manufacture of heliotropin from the safrol contained in it.

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